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Black & white vs color for street photography. which one is better?

Hi guys its been awhile since i published on my blog am back . I recently went through my email address and i got a question from one of my readers Martin,  Martin asked me the following,
 " have been a loyal reader of your blog and i noticed in your photographs they all in black and white and not even one is color "....
 Q: Whats the mechanism behind all this, why not use color in street photography ? color or black and white. Thank you.  I really appreciate  Martin asking  the question. This has been day to day issue that i encounter as a street photographer. why do you photograph the street in black and white and not color?  
There are many pros and cons to both color and black & white in street photography.... i will talk about it below.  Before we get started a simple google will do, search street photography, you will realize that you will get most of the images are in Black & white. further more, when people think about street photography they always …