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A Blur day walker

"Am not interested in shooting new things-Am interested to see things new" Jessy Kigen

Woke up to a very Gloomy mood, checked my fridge and there was  nothing to drink and eat, i thought coffee would do a great favor  for me on a chilly Sunday at my favorite restaurant "Kapital coffee House" But then i remembered i had  mission on the streets with the day walkers.

My Motto still remains My story there life's.

Before i could go to the coffee place i decided,  let me try take a few shots of the streets and its walkers, the streets was  chilly with less walkers. I just needed one shot and am done with the day after all it was a gloomy day and i came to have coffee, am that i  went to Kapital Coffee House, i sat at an angel where i could see the exit of the Restaurant simply because i still needed that one shot of a day walker walking, and at the exit of the Restaurant that was the better place to get the shot. Guess what? i got the shot that i really …