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Make your Street photography interesting.

Sometimes i pretend to focus on anything close to me but all i need is a day walker....check out the day walker at the end of the street....  

 Lets make this more interesting, Am a great follower of  a street photographer Eric Kim simply because he is so precise on his photographs and his articles are Amazing. Today i want to talk more  on how to  make your street photography interesting even when you are bored.

"One of the most exciting ways to live life is to avoid boredom. By following what makes us curious, passionate, and have fun create meaning in our life.
one of the great ways to guide our work in street photography is to avoid boredom." Eric Kim

Tips to make Street photography interesting. In street photography, i always make sure that i listen to my self, By making street photography interesting we should avoid boredom at all cost. we need to be Passionate.

for a  street street photographer is really hard to avoid boredom and make it interesting when one is not pa…