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One of my rare shot i did along Nakuru- Nairobi was chilly and drizzling day, i  was from a photoshoot at some hotel in Nakuru. on my way back to Nairobi i realized i had no gas, i stopped by at a nearby petrol station and  that was shell petrol station. I came out of the car and i turned back and i saw a lovely and  Interesting geometric composition of the shell petrol station...i went to the Trank of my car and took my D5200 nikon ,standard lens and a tripod. The wet floor enabled  me to see the refection from the natural light of the sun and created this wet effect on my editing. Thanks to the out. #slickphoto#photography#kenya....story by: Jessy kigen.... more photography story are lined up keep close with  my Blog.

A low angle shot of the street building of Nairobi (kenya).....a low-angle shot, is a shot from a camera angle positioned low on the vertical axis, anywhere below the eyeline, looking up...#slickphoto#Photography#B&W#Jessykigen.

Photographed by: jessy kigen