The streets from Above.(Aerial photography) of Nairobi city

The streets from Above.  photo by Jessy kigen
Sorry Guys i had to break  the rule, i had to go above the streets , normally i shoot the street from below getting the interesting geometric composition of the streets and its day walkers,  but this time i wanted to have a view of the streets  and how it looks from aerial view.

The streets look so stunning from above, sometime i wish i could have a pilot friend to fly me around while shooting the streets from above. Anyway that's my wish, besides  that, there are many ways to shoot the streets from above, the most efficient and affordable way is by trying to find the tallest building in your city get the legal access from the management then  climb to the top ....Mount your camera in your tripod in this  case to get steady and a balanced picture.

other ways of shooting the streets from above are ,  aircraft, helicopters, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes Drones.

I prefer using the tallest building because  it affordable, efficient, yo can do a lot, you take your time Adjusting your camera and mounting it..then shoot at your own pace unlike the helicopter where everything is limited and expensive.....

when  i shoot the streets i normally use my free hand because of the flexibility not unless am shooting light trails (long exposure)...this will force me to use  a tripod .(You need a tripod (or some other way to making your camera completely still) as you’ll be shooting with long shutter speeds which will make shooting handheld pretty much impossible.).

On  aerial photography above  i used a Tripod because i was in a flat surface where i could mount my camera...and this enable me to get a nice city scape or a street view from above....the photo above was shot at KICC Nairobi courtesy of Slick photo by Jessy kigen .......Am out..My story there life's ..   Article by Jessy Kigen. check more on my photography story and share out thank you.

You don't take a photograph, you make it..... Ansel Adams


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