A Blur day walker

Photo by; Jessy Kigen 

"Am not interested in shooting new things-Am interested to see things new" Jessy Kigen

Woke up to a very Gloomy mood, checked my fridge and there was  nothing to drink and eat, i thought coffee would do a great favor  for me on a chilly Sunday at my favorite restaurant "Kapital coffee House" But then i remembered i had  mission on the streets with the day walkers.

My Motto still remains My story there life's.

Before i could go to the coffee place i decided,  let me try take a few shots of the streets and its walkers, the streets was  chilly with less walkers. I just needed one shot and am done with the day after all it was a gloomy day and i came to have coffee, am that loyal....so i  went to Kapital Coffee House, i sat at an angel where i could see the exit of the Restaurant simply because i still needed that one shot of a day walker walking, and at the exit of the Restaurant that was the better place to get the shot. Guess what? i got the shot that i really wanted ,  you would think it was all staged but this was real, i used my iPhone to archive this shot.   but it took me awhile before i got the photo above.

lesson learn t; as a street photographer always be passionate and be Patient. The streets belong to us. Am out ...#slickphoto#street photographer  story by Jessy kigen .


  1. Nice work man! Do the Kanjo ever come up to harass you i know they can be a thorn!

  2. Thanks i do appreciate.. am normally keen when am om my mission. i make sure they dont see me. but sunday's are the best days to shoot the streets and day walkers. thanks for your comment. share out the blog.

  3. nice work..street photography is an art..good you are working on it here in kenya.


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