Make your Street photography interesting.

Photo by, Jessy Kigen

Sometimes i pretend to focus on anything close to me but all i need is a day walker....check out the day walker at the end of the street....  

 Lets make this more interesting, Am a great follower of  a street photographer Eric Kim simply because he is so precise on his photographs and his articles are Amazing. Today i want to talk more  on how to  make your street photography interesting even when you are bored.

 "One of the most exciting ways to live life is to avoid boredom. By following what makes us curious, passionate, and have fun create meaning in our life.
one of the great ways to guide our work in street photography is to avoid boredom." Eric Kim

Tips to make Street photography interesting. 

In street photography, i always make sure that i listen to my self, By making street photography interesting we should avoid boredom at all cost. we need to be Passionate.

for a  street street photographer is really hard to avoid boredom and make it interesting when one is not passionate. There are days where we get mishaps. There are days  we feel Gloomy  and  we just want to stay indoor lazily. or maybe walk all day on the street and not find anything to shoot.

Through my Guide, we should try avoid boredom and make street photography interesting,i think its important to switch things up. check this few points:

1.Shoot in Different Areas 
As a  street photographer you should not shoot in the same old place every time at your exploration. try to find  different location, streets and interesting scenes. you don't need to travel all the way to Paris,china or Germany to shoot or get lovely scenes. Start with your own street at your home town, find  a strategic place that looks busy and interesting, exhaust the place then move to the other street.  If you have a  car much better, yo can drive to the next town and explore more just to make you street photography interesting and not bored. Avoid boredom at any cost, if you are brave enough yo can take a bus and  get off at random stop then start shooting.

As humans, we love to explore. We love serendipity, and discovering new places (think about all the guys who sailed around the world in search of new lands). Be a “street photography explorer”...Jessy Kigen 

2.Experiment on your skills
when shooting  and it  makes you feel bored, find something more interesting try switch up  things.Most important is lens, try use different lenses  when shooting. if you dont want to get close to the subject try a long range shots by using zoom lens.If yo are used to zoom lens try switch it to a prime lens, more wider angle.
Most of the time we  feel bored shooting with digital, if thats the case switch up to film.. make your photography interesting
If you are bored shooting like Henri Cartier Bresson (looking for an interesting background and waiting for someone interesting to walk into the scene), switch it up by trying to shoot more aggressively like Bruce Gilden (more head-on). Eric Kim

3.shoot in different Time Zone.
You want to make your street photography interesting try use different time zone, if yo are used to day time try late night shoot. try to  shoot the lighting on the streets near you,trust me you will love the street at night.

Life is short. When it comes to your street photography, follow your curiosity and what makes you happy and excited.  Make your photography interesting. Am out........#slickphoto#streetphotography#B&W...My story there life's ....Article by Jessy Kigen.


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