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One of my rare shot i did along Nakuru- Nairobi was chilly and drizzling day, i  was from a photoshoot at some hotel in Nakuru. on my way back to Nairobi i realized i had no gas, i stopped by at a nearby petrol station and  that was shell petrol station. I came out of the car and i turned back and i saw a lovely and  Interesting geometric composition of the shell petrol station...i went to the Trank of my car and took my D5200 nikon ,standard lens and a tripod. The wet floor enabled  me to see the refection from the natural light of the sun and created this wet effect on my editing. Thanks to the out. #slickphoto#photography#kenya....story by: Jessy kigen.... more photography story are lined up keep close with  my Blog.

A low angle shot of the street building of Nairobi (kenya).....a low-angle shot, is a shot from a camera angle positioned low on the vertical axis, anywhere below the eyeline, looking up...#slickphoto#Photography#B&W#Jessykigen.

Photographed by: jessy kigen
On my photography tour i met  this two champs on the streets of Mombasa. They showed me a peace sign like they knew what it meant, but in the actual sense they didn't know the meaning, for them its sign of  coolness in the society..being cool and all that. The Beauty in there soul taught  me one thing..."Beautiful soul aint for the rich but it lays  more on  the streets " By Jessy kigen   I bought them heavy lunch...And  i explained to them more about the peace sign they showed me. Am out. #slickphoto#streetphotography#tour#streetsoul....

Story by: jessy kigen