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Light Trials of Moving Cars (Thika Road) Kenya

Lifes light. Life is light. You can make light do anything you want to. Photography means 'light writing'...Jessy Kigen

Light Trails continue to be popular subject matter for many photographers and they can actually be a great training ground for those wanting to get their cameras out of manual mode and to experiment with shooting in low light at longer exposures.

Here is my story;
        From a long day shoot on my way home i was  amazed by the lighting and the way cars was moving up and down the great  road of Thika road.
The sun had gone home there was slightly beam of light from the sun ....."The Golden moment"
 I took out my camera to shoot the Golden Moment, but i realized for me to get a nice  light trails from a moving car i need a tripod 
Nooo!!!!! i had no tripod with me but i could improvise the Bridge Pavement or the wall to place my camera for steady shot with no shaky movement.

See what i photographed.

Camera Model: Canon Eos 600D
Iso speed : ISO-10…

The streets from Above.(Aerial photography) of Nairobi city

Sorry Guys i had to break  the rule, i had to go above the streets , normally i shoot the street from below getting the interesting geometric composition of the streets and its day walkers,  but this time i wanted to have a view of the streets  and how it looks from aerial view.

The streets look so stunning from above, sometime i wish i could have a pilot friend to fly me around while shooting the streets from above. Anyway that's my wish, besides  that, there are many ways to shoot the streets from above, the most efficient and affordable way is by trying to find the tallest building in your city get the legal access from the management then  climb to the top ....Mount your camera in your tripod in this  case to get steady and a balanced picture.

other ways of shooting the streets from above are ,  aircraft, helicopters, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes Drones.

I prefer using the tallest building because  it…

Photography and lighting.

"Where light and shadow fall on your subject - that is the essence of expression and art through photography" jessy kigen 

Light is more than just how bright or dark it is; it’s also the key to the look, mood and atmosphere of your images. The direction of the light will affect how the shape and texture of your subject appears, while the colour and how soft or harsh the light is can totally change a shot’s appearance.

The picture above was shot inside a train wagon, A model was sited in a coach where  natural light was coming from the window..

There is something beautiful and incredibly engaging about photos that have been shot in natural light. The natural light of the sun can create stunning colors spanning the whole spectral range, something that just can’t be achieved with artificial lighting. Learning to harness the power and light of the sun in your photographs is a fantastic technique for taking your photography to the next level.
Playing with natural light …

A Blur day walker

"Am not interested in shooting new things-Am interested to see things new" Jessy Kigen

Woke up to a very Gloomy mood, checked my fridge and there was  nothing to drink and eat, i thought coffee would do a great favor  for me on a chilly Sunday at my favorite restaurant "Kapital coffee House" But then i remembered i had  mission on the streets with the day walkers.

My Motto still remains My story there life's.

Before i could go to the coffee place i decided,  let me try take a few shots of the streets and its walkers, the streets was  chilly with less walkers. I just needed one shot and am done with the day after all it was a gloomy day and i came to have coffee, am that i  went to Kapital Coffee House, i sat at an angel where i could see the exit of the Restaurant simply because i still needed that one shot of a day walker walking, and at the exit of the Restaurant that was the better place to get the shot. Guess what? i got the shot that i really …

Make your Street photography interesting.

Sometimes i pretend to focus on anything close to me but all i need is a day walker....check out the day walker at the end of the street....  

 Lets make this more interesting, Am a great follower of  a street photographer Eric Kim simply because he is so precise on his photographs and his articles are Amazing. Today i want to talk more  on how to  make your street photography interesting even when you are bored.

"One of the most exciting ways to live life is to avoid boredom. By following what makes us curious, passionate, and have fun create meaning in our life.
one of the great ways to guide our work in street photography is to avoid boredom." Eric Kim

Tips to make Street photography interesting. In street photography, i always make sure that i listen to my self, By making street photography interesting we should avoid boredom at all cost. we need to be Passionate.

for a  street street photographer is really hard to avoid boredom and make it interesting when one is not pa…

Two faced Portrait.(Art meets reality)

Often the most striking portraits are those that break all the rules...Like the one above. Normally i love stunning portraits that create expression and the mood of the subject. when photographing a portrait the focus of the photograph is usually the person's face, although the entire body and the background context may be included. In the above piece i broke the rules by introducing a prop(Paper face portrait). Portrait Photography or portraiture  is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Am by: Jessy Kigen...this was the night of Tattoo at Sailors Hurlingum courtesy of Holmes ink 3D and slick photo. Photo credit to Grey.#slickphoto#photography#B&W.. My story there life's.

A photographic portrait is a picture of someone who knows he is being photographed. - Jessy kigen

Close up on the steps of day walkers

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” – Robert Capa.....hello guys, before i get to today's piece let go back to the previous article on my blog:
The day walkers.(low angle shot of the day walkers) We talked about the lens that was used to take the picture above on day walkers article, The same lens (Prime lens) was  used  on the piece above. when taking photographs on the street use a wide-angle lens;
You can use any lens for street photography, but you’ll notice that most street photographers use a fairly wide-angle lens like the one above – somewhere between 24mm and 50mm. I use a 35mm lens on my full-frame DSLR, which means I can get in closer to the subject and get more involved in the scene like the photo above. 
I started with a longer lens because I lacked confidence, but gradually I switched to a 50mm, and now I use the 35mm about 80% of the time. "As your confidence builds, you get in closer" Jessy kigen Am out!!!!  lets learn…

The day walkers.(low angle shot of the day walkers)

I remember once my mentor said to me when shooting on the streets don't ask permission,If you ask permission first, then you end up with street portraits, which are different from what I’d call street photography. I started out asking the public if I could take their picture, and it turns out people tend to say yes! That gave me the confidence to shoot more daringly, which I find to be a lot more interesting. ......but at first   i was really scared  to have my self on the city  streets taking pictures of day walkers. but with time i learn t the above. on the above  picture it was a Sunday chilled day and  i used a prime lens; a lens of fixed focal length......In film and photography, a prime lens is either a photographic lens whose focal length is fixed, as opposed to a zoom lens, or it is the primary lens in a combination lens system. lets learn more out.....picture of the day by Jessy kigen. #slickphoto#R2R  My story there life's.
The whole point of taki…

The camera Meets the street Urchin

Chilled Sunday on the streets of Nairobi as usual exploring the city....while i was busy taking snaps of the late night walkers..a little boy was calling me i looked left and right couldn't see no one i looked down... there he was looking at me with curious eyes while stretching his hands towards my Camera...mmmmhh!! He wanted to know what  i was holding, nice!! I removed the strap from my Neck and i gave the camera to the little boy to hold it,  i scrolled down to the photo i just took of him....he was so exited to see  a replica of him in the camera and he become my friend through the whole exploration in the city...Am out...#slickphoto#Street-photography#B&W.. Story By: Jessy kigen

My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity – the suspended moment – intervenes during action, in the viewfinder.” – Abbas

One of my rare shot i did along Nakuru- Nairobi was chilly and drizzling day, i  was from a photoshoot at some hotel in Nakuru. on my way back to Nairobi i realized i had no gas, i stopped by at a nearby petrol station and  that was shell petrol station. I came out of the car and i turned back and i saw a lovely and  Interesting geometric composition of the shell petrol station...i went to the Trank of my car and took my D5200 nikon ,standard lens and a tripod. The wet floor enabled  me to see the refection from the natural light of the sun and created this wet effect on my editing. Thanks to the out. #slickphoto#photography#kenya....story by: Jessy kigen.... more photography story are lined up keep close with  my Blog.

A low angle shot of the street building of Nairobi (kenya).....a low-angle shot, is a shot from a camera angle positioned low on the vertical axis, anywhere below the eyeline, looking up...#slickphoto#Photography#B&W#Jessykigen.

Photographed by: jessy kigen
On my photography tour i met  this two champs on the streets of Mombasa. They showed me a peace sign like they knew what it meant, but in the actual sense they didn't know the meaning, for them its sign of  coolness in the society..being cool and all that. The Beauty in there soul taught  me one thing..."Beautiful soul aint for the rich but it lays  more on  the streets " By Jessy kigen   I bought them heavy lunch...And  i explained to them more about the peace sign they showed me. Am out. #slickphoto#streetphotography#tour#streetsoul....

Story by: jessy kigen