Hey Guys,   this week i just decided to share my favorite quotes from some of favorite photographers as well as a few others that can be applied to photography as well. Just to let you know they are not in any particular order.

21 Inspirational/street/photography Quotes.

1.“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” – Robert Capa
2.“The Pictures are there, and you just take them” – Robert Capa
3. “The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” – Oscar Wilde
4. “My photography is a reflection, which comes to life in action and leads to meditation. Spontaneity – the suspended moment – intervenes during action, in the viewfinder.” – Abbas
5. “If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” – Eve Arnold
6. “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” – Bruno Barbey.
7.“I never thought I would become a photographer.…


WHY IS COMPOSITION IMPORTANT what is composition, and why is it so important?
In essence , composition is all about putting together objects /subjects in your view finder in a such a way as to emphasis the bits you want to make them stand out in just right way. Those objects that include anything  in the foreground, the background, Those that "frame" the picture and most importantly light. 
Photography is fun form of art that a lot  of people are engaged into. Artist all over the world have created some sort of uniqueness in there shots, people around the globe have appreciated the aftermath of remarkable photography.
QUESTION: Do you know what makes these photos look amazing? it is because of  photography composition each one has. 
Below, i have put together the value of composition or importance of photography composition.

When you compose a photo it can also give a sense of personality. it will appear originally owned by you and can also speak for it…

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS (Photographing a stranger)

      Photographing a stranger is something that is intimidating to a lot of photographers and its completely understandable why. we are indulging ourselves into another persons life, and they might or might not be willing to let us photograph them. we might get turned down or forced to be in an awkward situation. but this struggle is something that is really fascinating because in a few short moments you can go from barely knowing someone to creating an image with them that captures their true personality in photographic form. Most people who enjoy street shooting, live for these pictures. Often unrehearsed, they are the product of year of practice or sometimes  dumb luck. but behind the camera, there are photographers who are constantly working of the nerves to take one more picture.
             People around the globe see photography differently. Nothing makes this more apparent than pointing a camera at someone. some are natural exhibitionist and others …

Black & white vs color for street photography. which one is better?

Hi guys its been awhile since i published on my blog am back . I recently went through my email address and i got a question from one of my readers Martin,  Martin asked me the following,
 " have been a loyal reader of your blog and i noticed in your photographs they all in black and white and not even one is color "....
 Q: Whats the mechanism behind all this, why not use color in street photography ? color or black and white. Thank you.  I really appreciate  Martin asking  the question. This has been day to day issue that i encounter as a street photographer. why do you photograph the street in black and white and not color?  
There are many pros and cons to both color and black & white in street photography.... i will talk about it below.  Before we get started a simple google will do, search street photography, you will realize that you will get most of the images are in Black & white. further more, when people think about street photography they always …

Light Trials of Moving Cars (Thika Road) Kenya

Lifes light. Life is light. You can make light do anything you want to. Photography means 'light writing'...Jessy Kigen

Light Trails continue to be popular subject matter for many photographers and they can actually be a great training ground for those wanting to get their cameras out of manual mode and to experiment with shooting in low light at longer exposures.

Here is my story;
        From a long day shoot on my way home i was  amazed by the lighting and the way cars was moving up and down the great  road of Thika road.
The sun had gone home there was slightly beam of light from the sun ....."The Golden moment"
 I took out my camera to shoot the Golden Moment, but i realized for me to get a nice  light trails from a moving car i need a tripod 
Nooo!!!!! i had no tripod with me but i could improvise the Bridge Pavement or the wall to place my camera for steady shot with no shaky movement.

See what i photographed.

Camera Model: Canon Eos 600D
Iso speed : ISO-10…

The streets from Above.(Aerial photography) of Nairobi city

Sorry Guys i had to break  the rule, i had to go above the streets , normally i shoot the street from below getting the interesting geometric composition of the streets and its day walkers,  but this time i wanted to have a view of the streets  and how it looks from aerial view.

The streets look so stunning from above, sometime i wish i could have a pilot friend to fly me around while shooting the streets from above. Anyway that's my wish, besides  that, there are many ways to shoot the streets from above, the most efficient and affordable way is by trying to find the tallest building in your city get the legal access from the management then  climb to the top ....Mount your camera in your tripod in this  case to get steady and a balanced picture.

other ways of shooting the streets from above are ,  aircraft, helicopters, multirotor Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), balloons, blimps and dirigibles, rockets, kites, parachutes Drones.

I prefer using the tallest building because  it…

Photography and lighting.

"Where light and shadow fall on your subject - that is the essence of expression and art through photography" jessy kigen 

Light is more than just how bright or dark it is; it’s also the key to the look, mood and atmosphere of your images. The direction of the light will affect how the shape and texture of your subject appears, while the colour and how soft or harsh the light is can totally change a shot’s appearance.

The picture above was shot inside a train wagon, A model was sited in a coach where  natural light was coming from the window..

There is something beautiful and incredibly engaging about photos that have been shot in natural light. The natural light of the sun can create stunning colors spanning the whole spectral range, something that just can’t be achieved with artificial lighting. Learning to harness the power and light of the sun in your photographs is a fantastic technique for taking your photography to the next level.
Playing with natural light …